Stress-Free Move for your Pet

Here are some steps to take to assist your pet:

Take your time. Stretch out your packing time.

Make travel arrangements. If your move involves air travel, contact airline carriers one month in advance.

Visit your veterinarian. Request a copy of veterinary records, a rabies vaccination certificate, and a health certificate.

Don't change. Keep your pet's routines, such as feedings and walks. Give the same level of attention you would ordinarily give them.

Make a pet room. A few days before moving, choose a small room. Tape a sign to the door that says "Pets: Do Not Open." Move food, water bowls and toys into this room. Provide dogs and cats with sturdy carriers equipped with litter box (for cats), chew toys, or favorite objects that have a familiar smell. Leave carrier doors open so pets can adapt to them before travel day.

Get tags and leashes. If you have a dog or an indoor/outdoor cat, buy or create identification tags with your new address and phone number. Be sure your pets are wearing them during travel.

Tips for the Road. If you're traveling by car, stop about every two hours to give larger pets some fresh air.

Moving In

Dog and cat care:

  • Again, choose a small room to be the pet room, where dogs and cats can feel secure as you move in.
  • Don't let pets outdoors without a leash until they've adjusted to their new surroundings.
  • Continue giving your pets water from home for the first few days.

For dogs only:

  • If you're moving nearby, let him/her visit your new digs before moving day.
  • Take Fido on regular walks around the neighborhood to introduce him to new sights and sounds.
  • Create a steady schedule for walks and feedings.

For cats only:

  • For the first few days, give him/her the security of one room as a home base.
  • If you're moving into an upper-level apartment, don't open windows more than one or two inches unless they're securely screened.
  • Place litter boxes away from feeding areas.

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