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"Gateway to the Ridge"

Davenport, Florida, is a quiet, small town neighbor of Disney World, placed just off the beaten path. Situated along US 17, and just east of US 27, Davenport has remained largely unchanged by the impact of world-size tourism just to the north. The rolling hills of the Lake Wales Ridge, stretching south for about 100 miles from this point in northeast Polk, provide an idyllic setting for the town of Davenport. Only two square miles in size, and with a population of less than 2,000, Davenport is nonetheless in the center of a booming residential area.

The rapid expansion of the Disney complex just to the north, coupled with thousands of vacant acres of land formerly used for citrus production, have drawn dozens of new subdivisions to the area. The Heart of Florida Hospital recently occupied a new structure just west of Davenport, further stimulating growth in the area. of government, Davenport provides a variety of recreational opportunities to its citizens, including a public swimming pool, four ball fields, two tennis courts and basketball complexes, and two childrens parks with playground equipment. Davenport also offers summer youth recreation and adult sports programs. The area to the north east of Polk County, part of the greater Davenport area is rapidly developing due to its close proximity to Walt Disney World and other major tourist attractions.

Polk County has zoned much of the land to the north of Davenport for short term rental development, and large developments of high priced homes have been built. Many homes are purchased by British residents who rent the homes to British tourists for annual vacations to nearby Orlando. This influx of money has a great influence on the economy and local development of Davenport. Many British residents visit Orlando each year, some preferring to rent a home for their vacation, instead of using the traditional hotels in the Greater Orlando area.

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