Timacuan Real Estate

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Timacuan was originally built on orchard land owned by the Stenstrom family, in the late 1980s. Stratton Hill was the first neighborhood developed. Construction continued through the 90s, with the development being handed over to the HOA in 2001. The development has 550 homes, with the largest neighborhood, Fairway Hills, at 200. The neighborhoods are:
  • Clubhouse Cove
  • Eagle Run
  • Hopewell Creek
  • Hunters Ridge
  • Lake Dawson
  • Signature Cove
  • Stratton Hill
  • Summerlin

Timacuan's name comes from the Timacua or Timacuan Indians, who once populated the area. The Timacuan Indians were here long before the Seminoles, who moved into the area from Georgia in the 1700s.
Gene Brown
Gene Brown
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